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Eat the meat and spit out the bones!

---Protestant History, Jesuits and the AntiChrist---
Jack Chick and David W. Daniels bookstore - [T],
Alberto Rivera xJesuit *AIC* - [W1] [W2] [W3] [W4],
Sidney Hunter - Is Alberto for real? *PDF*,
Clark Butterfield xPriest - Cartoon and Book,
Gerard Bouffard xBishop - [W1] [W2] [W3],
Edmond Paris Book,
Avro Manhattan - [Book list],
Charles Chiniquy xPriest,
Samuel Morse: [B],
Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins - Wounded in the house of my friend,
Darryl Eberhart: [W1] [W2],
Greg Anthony Szymanski - Investigative Journal,
Jörg Glismann: Hour of the Truth [YT],
Tom Friess: Inquisition Update,
Chris Pinto: [W1] [W2] [W3],
Henry Hampton Halley's Bible Handbook *Church History* (1874Apr10B–1965May23D),
Ian Paisley,
Tony Alamo,
Johnny Cirucci *Issue: Attacking Eric, Greg and Ian*,
Alan Lamont,
Nicholas - Present of God,
James Aitken Wylie 1808-1890: books,
Thomas Richards: [W1] [W2] [W3] [W4] [W5] [W6] [YT],
Ron Cooke books - Antichrist and Jesuits [W1]
Emmett McLoughlin xPriest - Jesuits and Romanism [W1] [W2] [W3] [W4]
Confessions of an ex roman catholic priest *LP vinyl*

---Roman Babylonian Satanic Traditions---
Beware Purim and Chanukah not Law of Jehovah!
Richard Rives - Too Long In The Sun,
Jim Staley *Hebrew Root Movement*,
Michael Rood *Hebrew Root Movement*,
Alexander Hyslop - Book Two Babylons,
David Freeman - Is that really in the Bible,
119 Ministries - *Hebrew Root Movement* Sunburned,
Zachary Bauer -,
David Freeman Is that really in the Bible,

---Biblical Scientific Creation---
Kent Hovind *Baptist* - Creationism - Dinosaur adventure land,
Carl Baugh - Creation Evidence Museum,
Don Patton - Creationism,
Ken Ham *Au* in USA - Noah Ark Museeum,
John Mackey *Au* -,
Grady S. McMurtry,
Bob Enyart - [1959Jan10–2021Sep12],
Spike Psarris - Evolutionist who became Creationist and then Christian,
John D. Morris,
The Institute of Creation Research,
Science Magazine and material on research on Creation,
Genesis Apologetics
Creation Moments
is Genesis History -
Oopart - Out of place artifact
John Lennox - Math guy,

---New Age occult nonsense---
Dave Hunt *Baptist* - History - *falsely promotes Poop as false prophet*,
Caryl Matrisciana - Hinduism,
Johanne Michaelson - Former Witch - Beautyful side of evil,
Billy Crone *Baptist* former new ager - Overall mix of everything,
Bill Schnoebelen,
Joseph G. Jordan aliens are Demons, [W1] [W2] [W3]
John Todd Collins
Warren B. Smith former new ager. Keith Green book

Dean Taylor - Anabaptist History,
David W. Bercot’s - Early Christianity,
Anabaptist Confessions *nothing on Poopery?*: [C1] [C2]

Michael Hoggard *Rejecting the papacy as THAT antichrist*,
Arch Bonnema Noah *Boat Iran*,
Charles W. Missler [1934-2018],
Ray Comfort - videos on sin,
Chris J. Koster,,,

---Seventh Day Adventist---
James Arrabito - on Jesuits,
Mark Woodman - Gods Final Call Series *Seminar*,
Walter Veith - Total Onslaught - Rekindling the Reformation *Seminar*,
Doug Batchlor,
Bill Hughes - Jesuits,
John VanDenburgh on the Festivals,
Bob Trefz - The Jesuit Infiltration of the SDA,
John Osborne interviewer Christopher Hudson,
Ron Wyatt *SDA?* - Archeology, *SDA*
Dirk Anderson *xSDA 33 years* -

Edward (Ed) and Elaine Brown *no Law on taxes and blaiming the Freemasons - Show me the Law! - Got Jail sentence of around 36 years- Elaine freed after repenting and divorced while Edward is still in Jail* Interview With Edward Brown On June 7, 2007
Aaron Russo -

Trey Smith
LA Marzulla
Tom Horn
Steve Quayle

John MacArthur,

English Links:

POOPERY AND BLOODY ROM: - Soul Refuge *xPapist* [Y]
Lutheran C Missouri S: On the Antichrist.
Lutheran C Missouri S: Pope the only enemy?
Lutheran E Wisconsin S: Statement on Antichrist.
Lutheran E Wisconsin S: Office or Person?
Treatise on Antichrist, Waldenses, Albigenses 12AD
Protestant Reformed Churches in America - Is the Pope Antichrist? Reformation Timeline
Damnable Catholic Heresies - Patrick the Baptist
Wicked Papists of Satan abusing Children
Thirty Years in Hell - Ex-Priest, Bernard Fresenborg - the Antichrist slideshow 14p. search Roman Catholicism - Loraine Boettner
Remnant of old website saved on archive of by Darryl Eberhart
Anti-Catholic Printed Material Collection
Bob Jones university anti catholic - - Dr. Bob Jones III

BIBLE STUFF: *Forum for the Portable program*
A Voice in the Wilderness, VW Bible edition
The Scriptures - Institute for Scripture Research,
Ken Johnson - book of Gad,
1535 Olivetan Bible Waldenses in French [W1] [W2],

CREATIONISM: - Kent Hovind - Ken Ham - John Mackay,
Encyclopedia of Creation Science

SermonAudio: When protestant protested *HOT* History of Romanism 1873 *HOT*
The History of Protestantism *Website*
The History of Protestantism ** Monita Secreta Societatis Jesu epistle-of-the-apostles/
Secret History of The Jesuits *Joggler66* YT
Behind the Dictators *Joggler66* YT

Jesus Words Only restored

VIDEO: Broadcast the Creator of the Universe Brandy Vaughan Ex-Pharma Insider Vaccine Sales Down Legislate Mandates *Now Death* Israel the worlds most moral army

live video on human life created
God Is Pro Life are you baby feet anti abortion car magnet

Candida Tea

DIVERSE: *Church Of God* - - link banned by facebook *SDA* *Collecting Karlstadt*
Alan Lamont old blog, VaticanNewWorldOrder Children's Club International *Bill Cooper*
HourOfTheTime Behold A Pale Horse
THE PORTAL TO JESUIT STUDIES - European Anti-Catholicism in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective
VaticanNewWorldOrder *Alan Lamont old website books*
The Fact Hunter - episode-79-samuel-morse-and-the-jesuits
The Fact Hunter - documentary-the-jesuits-real-world-history-exposing-the-jesuit-order
The Fact Hunter - documentary-the-jesuits-real-world-history-exposining the jesuit order *SDA*
RescuingTheChurch youtube
YT Daniel - the Protestant interpretation
Bosten; They also objected to the Latin Mass, Transubstantiation and the authority of the Pope.
The heathenism of popery, proved and illustrated - William McIntyre

Danish Links:


National museum Reformation on Kings C2 to C7 introduction of Freemasonry into Denmark
Den gamle Danske lov tungt basseret på Biblen 1683-1866
Martin Schwarz Lausten - Martin Luther og Danmark dengang - og nu?
Prof. emer. Martin Schwarz Lausten om Niels Hemmingsen 500 år
Den danske Frimurer Ordens arkiv og bibliotek PDF af Jørgen Tvevad
Foredrag om de Fem Glemte Jesuitter - Jan Pøhlmann Jessen Fem Glemte Jesuitter i en brydningstid intro - Jan Pøhlmann Jessen RomerKirken - Jørgen Marcussen
Wiki Barmenerklæringen - Tysk bekendede kirke
Danske Bibeludgaver


Danske Reformationssalmer1 1529-1573
Danske Reformationssalmer2 1529-1573
Sangbog Spørgsmål i henhold til 3 udgave af sangbogen af Thomissøn
Søgning i henhold til sangbogen Thomissøn, leder efter 3 udgave
Kingo sangbog?

Søg det kongelige bibliotek - Lån fra Biblioteket om Jesuitterne: European Anti-Catholicism in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective - Konspirationer
These Confessions are: the three ecumenical Creeds (the Apostolic, the Nicene and the Athanasian), the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, its Apology, the Smalcald Articles, the Small and the Large Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther and the Formula of Concord.
These Confessions are: the three ecumenical Creeds (the Apostolic, the Nicene and the Athanasian), the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, its Apology, the Smalcald Articles, the Small and the Large Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther and the Formula of Concord.ærke-jyder
Beacon for Freedom of Expression is an international bibliographical database about censorship and freedom of expression.øber#Anabaptismen_i_Danmark_og_Norden
Fransk Reformert Kirke censur bøger svensk: Origo tidskriftet Recognize, transcribe and search historical documents with the power of AI