Bible Apps and stuff

Best PC Windows Bible Software:
theWord website Portable, Free, Search Multiple Bible versions in one go, Concordance, search nonbiblical books, copy and give it to friends easily.

Best Android Bible Software:
MySword for Android website eternal Shareware with further features to be unlocked if you "donate" so it can be activated; intensely hate the way they do it, but it is the best Bible app for Android.

Secondary Android Bible Software:
BibleTime Mobile which is free and can access a lot of free sources.

My installed Bible Modules

theWord for Windows:
Bibles: JPS, ESV, SLT, Geneva, TSR, KJV, HiSB, M-S-D, ABP, LXXE, AEIB, AEIB, AEIB, FCAB, (AEINT-Voc, ANT, OANT PsPv, AEINT Est, AEINT Est Voc, Payable) TgTNK, HEBm, Luther 1545, IGNT+, IHOT+

MySword for Android:
Bibles: ABP, AEINT (Payable), AEINT Voc (Payable), ALXX, BHSEk, BHSErik, FCAB-TORAH ONLY (Payable), Geneva, GRVx, HiSB, KJV, LXXE, OANT pspv (Payable), SLT, TRa, TS2009, Tyndale, Vulgate, VW, Webster, WPNT, Wycliffe, Wycliffe-Modern

BibleTime Mobile for Android:
Danish Bibles: DaNT1819, Dan1871NT1907, DaOT1931NT1907
English Bibles: Geenva 1599, Geneva Notes, JPS, LITV, YLT, KJV, KJVA, LXX2012UK, SPE
English Books: DidacheEnglish, Josephus, JustinMartyr, Luthersworks
Hebrew Bibles: OSHB, SP, SPE, SPPSS, SPMT, SPVAR, Bible, SPDSS
Mixed Bibles: Coptic: SahidicBible, Askeland/Schulz(LXX) - Ge'ez: Ge'ez Bible - Malayalam: Malirv NRSV Bible
Glossaries Latin: la_en
Lexicons and Dictionaries: Webster 1806, Webster 1828, Webster 1913, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew, LiddellScott Greek-English - Maps and Images+ ?