Jayshua is God Almighty Jehovah! - Pope is that Antichrist 666!

Here is my 2 page PDF flyer in English and Danish called the 2 most important Truth to know!

For the sake of Transparency!

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The Author of this page is a Former hardcore Atheist with Pagan Evolution mixed into the bag, then moved into the Spiritual into the Satanic Occult which is mostly known today as New Age, as to say I was in Satans Candystore tasting many Flavours on the broad road to destruction. By the Heavensly blessing ended up reading the 4 books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the 4 books on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or to say, Good news of the Lamb of Jehovah slaughtered for the sins of the world. Reading it utterly destroyed me, and here I thought I was a pretty good person when I found out I was rotten to the very core. I began Questioning the Teachings I had come to believe in and the things I had been shown by the Demons, although they did not come as Demons of cause, and actually they come in many disguises to fool the sons of Adam. In any case, it made me turn around, although I skipped the Letters of Paulus and read them last and from the beginning had my issues with Pope Paulus the First, that Roman Pharisee of Pharisees who injected his leaven into the teaching of Christ and leads not only people into outright lawlessness but to teach them to directly attack those who try to uphold the Law of Jehovah. But as our Master and God told us, the Poisonous Darnel had to be sown by his Enemy the Devil after he himself, the Son of Man, had sown the Good Wheat in the Field. And as he prophesied that Prophets of Prophets they would grow up in the world until the very end at the Harvest. Then these lawless Tares would be collected and burned and the Saints collected into his Barn which is yet a future thing of time. Now these last many years having done much study of both Bible, History, Science and so forth to discern Truth from Lies and what is right from what is wrong. I first and foremost must confess that Jesus which name in Hebrew is Jayshua was, is and is to come Jehovah God Almighty! That his Bread was Broken on the Tree and his Wine poured out for the sins of the world ONCE AND FOR ALL! Resurrected on the third day and taken to the Heavens, now awaiting his return to rule the nations of the world from Jerusalem also known as Zion. Next, which is of greatest importance not to be fooled by the Wolves in Sheep clothing, rejecting the whole of Roman Catholicism as Christian and proclaiming it the very Devils Master Piece of diabolical deception, the Papacy representing the very Beast of the number 666 and that Pagan Cult Leader of theirs the very Biblical, Prophetical, Historical Dynasty of AntiChrist - and there can be no other. That very Roman Horn who thinks to Change times and Law and who persecutes the Saints and Wearing them out, a clever Horn having scriptural understanding yet twisting and using it for Evil. And that Whore of Rome who rules the Kings of the Earth who sits on his Authority, Dominion and Rule giving to him by that old deceptive Snake who is that Enemy of Christ himself. But that Kingdom of Satan of today will be obliterated and be no more, yet the Kingdom of Christ forevermore. The Battle of the Romanizers against the Judaizers has been an ongoing battle since the first century, and I will confess myself a Christian as a follower of Christ, a Protestant as in Protest to that AntiChrist and a Judaizer as to try my best to keep, guard, protect, preserve and observe the commandments of Jehovah. To take on the rope of Discipleship as a Child of the Father and look to that most precious Son of Jehovah for instructions being guided by their Spirit of Truth. Further, a Zionist who supports the Jews although while they continue to reject there own Jewish Messiah and is mislead in many ways - Jehovah is not finish with them according to Scripture and I believe he will sort his own out. To proclaim that Jehovah has nothing to do with the return of the Jews from all over the world to there homeland, the land of the Living - the very land that Jehovah has his eyes on, is to proclaim Satan stronger then our Almighty Creators who founded and created the world in 6 days and rested the seventh which was set apart for a blessing from the beginning of the world. I believe in Annihilationism as to say I believe people who reject the Perfect Spotless Sinless Lamb of Jehovah will be cast into the Lake of Fire where both Body and Soul shall perish eternally and forever and be no more everlasting, that is the Second Death! Why? Because it is written and Biblical! The Sleeping and Dead both goes to the underworld, awaiting the resurrection to either Mercy by the Blood of the Lamb to Life or Damnation by Judgement to Brimstone and Fire. I do not ascribe to any flat earth nonsense, and find it rather silly and waste of time and another attack by Satan on the Truth to make Christians a laughing stock. I clearly believe in a world that is around 6000 years old *5500-7500* and a Literal World Wide Flood around 4400-5000 years ago which evidence can be seen all around the Globe. Noah's boat landed in the Area we today know as Iran and went to Shinar which is now a day Irak, where it seems Satan already early on lead man astray into foolish things of vanity. I reject Evolution as snake oil poison which lie I believed for well near 30 years of my life having never heard about Creation and seeing how all those pieces I could not seem to find a place for suddenly came together and made the bigger picture of it, verifying and confirming the truth of it. I'm an Iconoclast and hate and abhore Idols, Images and Cookie gods - there are many ways to worship Satan, yet we wanna stay on the narrow path to Salvation! I'm not a KJV Only kind of person, which seems to me somewhat silly and can surely lead to error - but use Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English and Danish tongues as check tools or reading. To reject and Hate Gods Anointed, his own Son from everlasting, the Living Word which the Father send into the world by his Spirit making flesh in a Virgin - is to transgress the first and highest command in the Law, to love Jehovah with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Rather not only transgression of the the Highest but the one that stands equal to it, to love your neighbor as yourself - nay, sooner open the Door to them about the Truth for it is the Way to everlasting Life! I confirm the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the second born by the Spirit, the Children of Jehovah! I think I got over most of it, so there is nothing hidden - we are all in a continual growth as Children, and surely there is much more to learn. This was written on the date in the Roman Pagan Calender 2020/7/23 May Jehovah be with thee, and his Son be a most precious Pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us All. Amayn!