Portable Applications

A picture of my own, but have not made one for download yet. *Work in Progress*

As this offline portable version of Photopea seem to have been censored and I had it, I just rezipped the original file for DOWNLOAD so anyone can figure out how to open it: Photopea-full-x64.7zip - Full Version (Includes all fonts) - v5.2 - NFXT *Portable*

Portable Application Program

Portable Applications for digital sanity!
Na = Native
PA =
wPP =

---- 0 Main launcher program ----
PStart Launcher native

---- # Root ----
Opera - Na *Web/Chat*
Firefox Developer - PA *Web/Chat*
Iron - Na *Web/Chat* Bible Program - Na *Office* *HOT*
KeePass Na *System tool*

---- 1 Web/Chat ----
Notepad++ Na - Web-editor, (Npp)ftp,light!
JSXC Na EChat/Birdie
PSI Native EChat/Birdie
PSI+ Native Na EChat/Birdie
Tunderbird Email

---- 2 OFFICE ----
Sumatra PDF Na
Apache OpenOffice wPP
Ant Renamer
Calibre Native Books
PDFtoPicketMod link to webpage but no program anymore...

---- 3 Multimedia ----
VLC Media Player
Foobar2000 Native
Photopea Portable
Inkscape PortableApps it seems
CDex Native Portable older version

---- 4 System Tools ----
ClamWin make it portable
IObit Uninstaller
PMeter pixel meter
SnapTimer Na
ConvertALL Native setting install
Process Explorer
NetMeter Evo

*From IRC #Seamonkey* For the Browser Seamonkey! *Best oldschool browser*
can I turn off Cache in SeaMonkey??? :D
1 way: you can set your cache to 0 - Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache
2 way: Ctrl+Shift+R (Ctrl+F5) is a forced reload
3 way: Shift and pressing reload/refresh button in browser also works
Standard using cache: Ctrl+R (F5) is simply a reload

CPU main computer

Intel Core i7 2600K @ 3.40GHz: recommended: 50-65 °C RealTemp show you something called distance to TJ Max where at Temperature Junction(TJ) it lowers its speed at 98°C to cool itself.

Solar Panels from England

EB70 Battery storage Sunpower panels:

Computer Hardware

>>>>>>> Gnulix Phones Pinephone pro Linux mobile Sail fish, postmarketOS and so on. Rasperry pi <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Thin Client Hardware list Dell Wyse 3330(3290) N03D Intel N2807 (0,499/@1,58/2,16GHz Low/Normal/Turbo)X2 16GBL RAM - 12V 3-7watt - WES7 32/64bit: CPU speed 159: Intel 6.gen serie Celeron N2807 has 2 cores (64 bit). Intel HD Graphics controller (Gen 7) (125?/@313/750MHz Low/Normal/Turbo). Chipset? ACHI? Wyse 3030 dell system, drivers and manuals: 16GB DRR3L(Low voltage version) RAM 16GB DRR3L 1.35V! 1600mhz PC3-12800 204PIN soDIMM: search for cheaper on Ebay. 1.108kr Germany: <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Dell Wyse Vx0LE C7 Eden 1.2GHz 44pin harddrive / 1GB Ram 12V 12-15W (WEXP): <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Dell Wyse 15.4" Notebook Xnol X90LE 1.2GHz 1GB RAM 19.5v with Win2000 - 555kr pata to mSATA: Small pata cable? RAM 4gb x 2: voltage change: ... <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Screen efficency find 12 volt screen!: DELL - S2721Ho 27.0" 10.18 watts <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Full size SSD mSATA's and stuff Kingchuxing 1.81TB: ... - - - - - - - <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Systems: Windows 2000 Pro: Win 2000 Pro original MicroSoft Windows 2000 pro BlackWingCat Edition Microsoft Win2000 PRO SP4 Windows 2000 Modernization Guide Instructions for win2000: Use Windows 2000 Today! | Win2000 With KernelEx In 2020 Update Windows 2000, XP and Vista the Easy Way: Using a WSUS Server! Youtube search ------- Graphic Windows 2000 pro: ForceWare Release 169 169.21 (8800 Ultra official top card supported), Graphic card win 2000 supported? low powerusage. Gainward GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 PCI-E Silent Graphics Card DVI VGA HDMI #GK4749 (low watts in 2d, HDMI port!), EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB SDRAM PCI-E Graphics Card HDMI DVI VGA #GK4124 (low watts in 2d), MSI R6450 RADEON R5 230/HD6450 2GB DDR3 PCI-e GRAPHIC CARD DVI HDMI VGA (Supported? low watts in 2d, HDMI port), Forum: Windows 2000, NT, XP Remove 4GB RAM Limit of Windows XPx86 extend to 128GB MegaSucks Windows Embedded Standard 7 64 Bit SP1 ------- Gnulix <<<<<<<