Portable Applications

A picture of my own, but have not made one for download yet. *Work in Progress*

Portable Application Program

Portable Applications for digital sanity!
Na = Native
PA =
wPP =

---- 0 Main launcher program ----
PStart Launcher native

---- # Root ----
Opera - Na *Web/Chat*
Firefox Developer - PA *Web/Chat*
Iron - Na *Web/Chat* Bible Program - Na *Office* *HOT*
KeePass Na *System tool*

---- 1 Web/Chat ----
Notepad++ Na - Web-editor, (Npp)ftp,light!
JSXC Na EChat/Birdie
PSI Native EChat/Birdie
PSI+ Native Na EChat/Birdie
Tunderbird Email

---- 2 OFFICE ----
Sumatra PDF Na
Apache OpenOffice wPP
Ant Renamer
Calibre Native Books
PDFtoPicketMod link to webpage but no program anymore...

---- 3 Multimedia ----
VLC Media Player
Foobar2000 Native
Photopea Portable
Inkscape PortableApps it seems
CDex Native Portable older version

---- 4 System Tools ----
ClamWin make it portable
IObit Uninstaller
PMeter pixel meter
SnapTimer Na
ConvertALL Native setting install
Process Explorer
NetMeter Evo

*From IRC #Seamonkey* For the Browser Seamonkey! *Best oldschool browser*
can I turn off Cache in SeaMonkey??? :D
1 way: you can set your cache to 0 - Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache
2 way: Ctrl+Shift+R (Ctrl+F5) is a forced reload
3 way: Shift and pressing reload/refresh button in browser also works
Standard using cache: Ctrl+R (F5) is simply a reload

RealTemp show you distance to TJ Max where at Temperature Junction(TJ) where is downclock.

CPU main computer

HP Crapbar and Dell Wyse 3330 slimclient, both very slow but low on energy. Dell Wyse 3330 N03D Intel N2807 (0,499/@1,58/2,16GHz Low/Normal/Turbo)X2 16GBL RAM - 12V 3-7watt - WES7 64bit: CPU speed 159: Intel 6.gen serie Celeron N2807 has 2 cores (64 bit). Intel HD Graphics controller (Gen 7) (125?/@313/750MHz Low/Normal/Turbo). Wyse 3030 dell system, drivers and manuals: RAM 16GB DRR3L(Low voltage version) 1.35V! 1600mhz PC3-12800 204PIN soDIMM: search for cheap one on Ebay! 1.108kr Germany:

Solar Panels from England

Energy Storage: Bluetti EB70 Sunpower panels:

Computer Hardware

>>>>>>> Thin Client Hardware list <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Dell Wyse 15.4" Notebook Xnol X90LE 1.2GHz 1GB RAM 19.5v with Win2000 - 555kr pata to mSATA: Small pata cable? RAM 4gb x 2: voltage change: USB C 20 Volts should do it <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Dell Wyse Vx0LE C7 Eden 1.2GHz 44pin harddrive / 1GB Ram 12V 12-15W (WEXP): <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Screen efficency find 12 volt screen!: DELL - S2721Ho 27.0" 10.18 watts <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Full size SSD mSATA's and stuff: Kingchuxing 1.81TB Cheapest I could find. - - - - - - - <<<<<<< >>>>>>> Operating systems: Windows 2000 Pro: Win 2000 Pro original MicroSoft Windows 2000 pro BlackWingCat Edition Microsoft Win2000 PRO SP4 Windows 2000 Modernization Guide Instructions for win2000: Use Windows 2000 Today! | Win2000 With KernelEx In 2020 Update Windows 2000, XP and Vista the Easy Way: Using a WSUS Server! Youtube search ------- Graphic Windows 2000 pro: ForceWare Release 169 169.21 (8800 Ultra official top card supported), nVIDIA ForceWare WHQL Drivers 163.71 for Windows XP / 2000 32bit Graphic card win 2000 supported? low powerusage. Gainward GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 PCI-E Silent Graphics Card DVI VGA HDMI #GK4749 (low watts in 2d, HDMI port!), EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB SDRAM PCI-E Graphics Card HDMI DVI VGA #GK4124 (low watts in 2d), MSI R6450 RADEON R5 230/HD6450 2GB DDR3 PCI-e GRAPHIC CARD DVI HDMI VGA (Supported? low watts in 2d, HDMI port), PNY NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (VCG76512SAPB) 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Forum: Windows 2000, NT, XP Remove 4GB RAM Limit of Windows XPx86 extend to 128GB ------- Gnulix:,, <<<<<<<